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Spanning five continents, megacities present numerous economic, demographic, and environmental challenges and opportunities. Those opportunities may differ in scope, but are shared in essence across the board. As such, they present a timely topic for international dialogue and cross-cultural collaboration. In an effort to discuss the opportunities and challenges within megacities, the Hollings Center for International Dialogue conducted a dialogue conference in Jakarta in July 2019. The dialogue featured researchers, urban planners, municipal officials, journalists, architects, and environmentalists representing Baghdad, Cairo, Dhaka, Istanbul, Jakarta, Lahore, Los Angeles, and New York.

The Food Security Factor: Stability, Governance, and Development Choices

Food security in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is viewed as one contributing factor in catalyzing conflicts in the region as well as perpetuating multiple humanitarian crises. The MENA region is the largest importer of food in the world, accounting for nearly 1/3rd of global cereal imports. Rising prices in staple foods […]

The Water Energy Food Nexus: An Integrated Approach to the Middle East Water Challenge

The Middle East and North Africa region faces growing pressure on its water systems due to population growth, socio-economic development, security issues, urbanization, and environmental degradation. Some of these issues were discussed during the Hollings Center’s May 2014 dialogue conference, High and Dry: Addressing the Middle East Water Challenge. The dialogue, which was cosponsored by […]

High and Dry: Addressing the Middle East Water Challenge

Often overshadowed by its political turmoil, the Middle East faces increasing environmental and resource-based challenges, such as depleting water resources. Recognizing the need to find possible collective solutions, the Hollings Center and the Prince Mohammad bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research and Studies at the University of Central Florida convened a conference to address challenges […]

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