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Lessons in Disaster Resilience

Lessons in disaster resilience from Puerto Rico: hurricanes, financial crises, pandemics. Emphasize community resilience, proactive measures, and innovative solutions.

Post-Earthquake Morocco: Empowerment and Resilience

Houria Chouhab aids post-earthquake Morocco with tailored psychosocial programs for rural areas, emphasizing team energy and holistic trauma recovery support.

Navigating Aid Divergence in Conflict Zones

Strategies for navigating aid divergence in conflict zones: go local, small, technical. Collaborate with locals for impact.

Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

Explore artificial Intelligence's impact on education. Learn about frameworks, ethics, and responsible with Rohan Jowallah.

Humanitarian Organizations and Sanctions Challenges

Explore the intricate challenges posed by sanctions on humanitarian work. Basma Alloush advocates ongoing dialogue for efficient operations.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Economic Sanctions

Explore the cost-benefit analysis of sanctions on humanitarian efforts. Dursun Peksen delves into the complexities and impact of sanctions.

Water Diplomacy - Picking Up Where We Left Off

The Hollings Center explores the future of water diplomacy as a source of cooperation in MENA.

Cooperative Entrepreneurship - Picking Up Where We Left Off

The Hollings Center explores cooperative entrepreneurship models with guests Maru Bautista and Berkin Şafak Şener.

MENA Information Challenges

Civil society in MENA faces challenges countering digital authoritarian practices and disinformation, requiring support. Tamara Kharroub explains.

Implications of Safe City Projects

Discover implications of Safe City projects, like surveillance and democratic implications. Why is transparency in such technologies needed?

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